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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Reread Review: Earth's End (Air Awakens #3) by Elise Kova

Title: Earth's End
Series: Air Awakens #3
Author: Elise Kova
Publisher: Silver Wing Press
Published: February 11, 2016
Pages: 350
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source: Kindle Unlimited

A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood.

Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire’s conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance.

Goodreads | Amazon

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Disclaimer: This review MAY contain SPOILERS.

This book has yet again pulled my heart from my chest. I am a sobbing mess right now. Elise Kova creates a story that will meld with your soul. Just as a sorcerer can feel their power within them, the reader can feel the story within them in the same way. It's very intimate and carefully crafted.

One of my favorite things about reading Elise Kova's book is getting to know the characters. They feel like family. She doesn't just write an amazing main character or a compelling love interest, no. She creates a cast of characters that mingle, and weave, and play off of each other with their different relationships, desires, and attractions. The characters in her books become a force that drives the book forward. You really do fall in love with each and every one of them. 

I have to give Kova props on the development of the plot. The story really is incredible and it pushes on with so much emotion. There are high stakes, there is action, there are political deceptions, there is love, and there is friendship. Everything is played out and orchestrated beautifully. I am truly in awe of her storytelling.

I loved the deeper look into this world and the magic within it. You can tell that there is so much more to come and so much more to learn about this inventive world.

I recommend this series to everyone! Just everyone! It is full of magic, trials, love, friendship, political intrigue, and damn amazing characters. This love story is among one of my favorites and I have no doubt that others would feel the same.

My original review is here.

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This book is one that threw me for an emotional loop at the end. Which book comes to mind that did the same for you? What was the last book that made you cry into your cereal?

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday Sing-Along #003: The Folk of the Air Playlist Part 3

Saturday Sing-Along is a meme that I created after realizing that I have way too many playlists on Spotify dedicated to my favorite book series. I am constantly making playlists to go along with my favorite books so I thought that I would share those songs with others. Hopefully, others would love to join in and we can share and discuss the songs that fit perfectly with our fandoms and the moods that the music creates for them. 

1. Pick 3 - 5 songs that remind you of a book or series. (Or pick an entire playlist if your heart desires!)
2. The songs do not have to be about the same book or series. Mix things up if you wish.
3. Post the title and artist of the song and then the book or series that it reminds you of. As a bonus, you can tell us what character or couple the song reminds you of and why.
4. Post a few lines of lyrics from the song (or all of them if you want, go wild!) that best represent the book or series (or character or couple, etc.). Unless it's instrumental, obviously. =)
5. As a bonus, you can post or link to a YouTube video of your songs so that it is easy for others to listen to them and experience your playlist.

If you are participating, these rules are not set in stone. Make this your own thing and change things up if you like. This is supposed to be fun, after all. =)

I am going to be continuing with my The Cruel Prince/The Wicked King playlist. This playlist is far too large for one post so I'm sharing a few at a time.


1. Meet Me on the Battlefield by Svrcina
This song reminds me of Jude and Cardan. Kind of how they could change the game and make things better for Faerie if they were united. And if they did then they could be casualties, or they could change everything.

No time for rest, No pillow for my head
Nowhere to run from this, No way to forget
Around the shadows creep, Like friends, they cover me
Just wanna lay me down and finally, Try to get some sleep
We carry on through the storm, Tired soldiers in this war
Remember what we're fighting for
We're standing face-to-face, With our own human race
We commit the sins again and our sons and daughters pay
Our tainted history, is playing on repeat
But we could change it if we stand up strong and take the lead
When I was younger, I was named
A generation unafraid
For heirs to come, be brave
Meet me on the battlefield
Even on the darkest night
I will be your sword and shield, your camouflage
And you will be mine
Echos and the shots ring out
We may be the first to fall
Everything can stay the same or we could change it all
Meet me on the battlefield

2. This Light I Hold by Memphis May Fire ft. Jacoby Shaddix
Definitely a Jude song, amiright? Cardan context in there as well as Faerie in general.

I feel the spotlight, I see their eyes
They lit a fire just to burn me alive
I feel the judgment, I hear the lies
But I won't go down without a fight
I won't go down without a fight
I'm not going down
I hear them twist my words, And mock everything I'm saying
They hope I'll crash and burn, But I'm here and I'm staying
It's like everywhere I turn, My enemies are waiting
To hurt me cause they're hurt, So I keep on praying
They stabbed me in the back
But these scars have made me stronger
Always under attack but I can't be conquered
Remind me of what I lack, And hope I won't last much longer
Try to push me off track, But I'll stay right here with my honor
I'm here and I'm not leaving until I'm finished
With every punch you throw, I'll get back up and go
Hate me, but I never said you had to listen
This story is my own and this light I hold will glow
This light I hold will glow
You should know by now, you can't just push me out
I will not let this go
I might be bruised and beat but I am on my feet
You'll never win this war
This story is my own
With my hands raised up high
I'll keep fighting the good fight and I am not alone
This light I hold will glow!

3. Warrior by Demi Lovato
A Jude song directed towards Madoc and Jude's stolen childhood.

This is a story that I have never told
I gotta get this off my chest to let it go
I need to take back the light inside you stole
You're a criminalAnd you steal like you're a pro
Out of the ashes, I'm burning like a fire
You can save your apologies, you're nothing but a liar
I've got shame, I've got scars
That I will never show
I'm a survivor
In more ways than you know
There's a part of me I can't get back
A little girl grew up too fast
All it took was once, I'll never be the same
Now I'm taking back my life today
Nothing left that you can say
'Cause you were never gonna take the blame anyway
All the pain and the truth, I wear like a battle wound
So ashamed, so confused, I was broken and bruised
Now I'm a warrior
Now I've got thicker skin
I'm a warrior
I'm stronger than I've ever been
And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in
I'm a warrior
And you can never hurt me again

4. Walk Through the Fire by Zayde Wølf (ft. Ruelle)
This song reminds me of Jude and Cardan at the end of The Wicked King.

I'm always wondering, If it's ever gonna end
I can feel it in my bones
Standing in the dust, Of what's left of us
I can see you in my soul
I try to understand, How we're here again
In the middle of the storm

There's no way to go
But straight through the smoke

And the fight is all we know
The fight is all we know
Did we take too many chances?
Did we let too many pass us?
Did we throw it all away?
Did we light too many matches?
Turn ourselves into these ashes?
Did we throw it all away?
We walk through the fire
Is there a way out?
Is there a way out?
We walk through the fire
Is there a way out?
Is there a way out of the fire?

5. The World Is Not Enough by Garbage
If Cardan and Jude ruled Faerie this would be their song.

I know how to hurt, I know how to heal
I know what to show , And what to conceal 
I know when to talk , And I know when to touch 
No one ever died from wanting too much
People like us , Know how to survive 
There's no point in living , If you can't feel the life 
We know when to kiss , And we know when to kill 
If we can't have it all , Then nobody will
I feel sick , I feel scared , I feel ready 
And yet unprepared
The world is not enough 
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love 
And if you're strong enough 
Together we can take the world apart, my love
The world is not enough 
The world is not enough
No, nowhere near enough
The world is not enough

So there are the next five songs of my Folk of the Air Playlist. Do any of these songs speak true to any of you for this series? What other songs do you think would fit into the mood for this series? I'd love to add more song to my playlist so feel free to share! If you would like to participate in my meme then please link me to your post!

Reread Review: Fire Falling (Air Awakens #2) by Elise Kova

Title: Fire Falling
Series: Air Awakens #2
Author: Elise Kova
Publisher: Silver Wing Press
Published: November 19, 2015
Pages: 378
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Soldier… Sorcerer… Savior… Who is Vhalla Yarl?

Vhalla Yarl marches to war as property of the Solaris Empire. The Emperor counts on her to bring victory, the Senate counts on her death, and the only thing Vhalla can count on is the fight of her life. As she grapples with the ghosts of her past, new challenges in the present threaten to shatter the remnants of her fragile sanity. Will she maintain her humanity? Or will she truly become the Empire’s monster?

Goodreads | Amazon

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Disclaimer: This review MAY contain SPOILERS.

Holy Mother, I was unprepared for how much this book affects me. I first read this book in July 2016 and rereading it brought me to my knees. I am such a mess right now, and rightly so. This series is something special. 

The romance, oh my god, the romance!! Elise Kova can write a love story better than Aphrodite herself. She is so gifted in creating relationships in her books. (Not only romantic ones either.) The slow-burn romance in this book is all-consuming. The chemistry, backstory of the characters, and the way the characters come together is so tantalizing that your heart will want to beat out of your chest. And it just might. The romance is so well written that it will stay with you long after you've put the book down. 

I absolutely love the character progression in this book. The characters are figuring things out and trying to find their place. The relationships that are forming and growing between the many characters are so incredible and written masterfully. The reader cares about each relationship created in this story, and for various reasons. The relationships are meaningful and written with purpose. 

I truly love the plot of this book in the series. I love how it progresses the romance in the story and also sets other things in motion for the rest of the story. While the romance is a big part of this series, it does not dominate or control the story. Things are happening outside of the romance, but the romance is blending into the plot seamlessly. 

The world is definitely expanded upon in this book. I love how very real everything in this book feels. Kova is skilled in making the reader feel like they are inside the story living alongside these characters. 

While this is my second time reading this book, I have no doubt that I will read this story again and again. These characters will lodge themselves into your heart and you won't be able to let them go. I recommend this series to all young adult fantasy fans! My excitement for Vortex Visions, the first book in the Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles series, is palpable. I can't wait to revisit this amazing world with new characters and a new story.

My original review is here.

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This book was one of my favorite in this series along with the third book. Do you find yourself liking parts of series more than others? If so, why? Or recommend your most recent favorite read!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Reread Review: Air Awakens (Air Awakens #1) by Elise Kova

Title: Air Awakens
Series: Air Awakens #1
Author: Elise Kova
Publisher: Silver Wing Press
Published: August 27, 2015
Pages: 377
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source: Kindle Unlimited

A library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, and an unbreakable magic bond...

The Solaris Empire is one conquest away from uniting the continent, and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen-year-old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war.

Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers, a mysterious magic society, and has been happy in her quiet world of books. But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all—the Crown Prince Aldrik—she finds herself enticed into his world. Now she must decide her future: Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she’s known, or eradicate her magic and remain as she’s always been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla’s indecision could cost her more than she ever imagined.

Goodreads | Amazon

Read this for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Disclaimer: This review MAY contain SPOILERS.

There are hardly words for the amount of joy that this book and this series has brought me. Rereading this book for a second time was glorious. While I certainly never forgot this world for a moment, my reread has only solidified my outright love for this series.

There are so many things to love about this series, but my favorite was always the romance. This is one of the absolute best slow-burn romances (with a mild bit of enemies to lovers trope in the beginning) that I have ever read. Elise Kova has this down to an art. Truly. The chemistry between the two main characters in this series will blow you away. The dialogues that these two characters have is perfect in every way and will keep you reading page after page for more of their banter. The way that the two main characters come together is both beautiful and stimulating. I could ship Vhalla and Aldrik until the end of time. I will be going down with this ship. 

The characters in this series are ones that will stay with you indefinitely. I have never forgotten this cast of characters. They have been dear to my heart since I first read this series. It is books like this one that make a person truly realize what good writing is. Kova makes each character interesting and purposeful. The relationships that are formed and the natural chemistry between characters is so impressive in this series. It definitely makes is hard to put these books down. The reader feels a part of the story and doesn't want to leave these characters behind. 

The plot of this series is really composed beautifully. The foreshadowing is excellent. During my reread I was able to spot so many things that will be important in later books of the series. I love how seamless the plot is. Everything flows wonderfully and you can truly tell how cleverly crafted the story is.

The world within these pages is easy to latch onto because Kova's descriptions are evocative and powerful. The reader truly feels immersed in this world from the start of the story. It is easy to fall into this world because of the careful construction of the magic system, the government, and the religious beliefs of this world. 

If you love young adult fantasy then I can't recommend this series enough! It will thoroughly capture your heart with its creative world, enthralling plot, and unforgettable characters. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book! After rereading this book, I can hardly contain my excitement for Kova's newest series set in this world, Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles. Vortex Visions is the first book in this new series and it will be released February 4, 2019. Be still my beating heart. 

My original review is here.

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Rereading books that I have loved in the past is something that I started doing in 2018. Prior to that I never reread anything because my mindset was always "so many books, so little time". But I came to realize that the amazing feeling you get when you love a book can be repeated without having to feel guilty about not reading something new or on the TBR. So do you reread any of your favorite books or do you tend to stick to a new book each time? What are some of your favorite rereads or books that you would contemplate rereading?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Review: Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout

Title: Hello, I Love You
Author: Katie M. Stout
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Published: June 9, 2015
Pages: 304
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Hardback

A teen escapes to a boarding school abroad and falls for a Korean pop star in this fun and fresh romantic novel in the vein of Anna and the French Kiss.

Grace Wilde is running—from the multi-million dollar mansion her record producer father bought, the famous older brother who’s topped the country music charts five years in a row, and the mother who blames her for her brother’s breakdown. Grace escapes to the farthest place from home she can think of, a boarding school in Korea, hoping for a fresh start.

She wants nothing to do with music, but when her roommate Sophie’s twin brother Jason turns out to be the newest Korean pop music superstar, Grace is thrust back into the world of fame. She can't stand Jason, whose celebrity status is only outmatched by his oversized ego, but they form a tenuous alliance for the sake of her friendship with Sophie. As the months go by and Grace adjusts to her new life in Korea, even she can't deny the sparks flying between her and the KPOP idol. 

Soon, Grace realizes that her feelings for Jason threaten her promise to herself that she'll leave behind the music industry that destroyed her family. But can Grace ignore her attraction to Jason and her undeniable pull of the music she was born to write? Sweet, fun, and romantic, this young adult novel explores what it means to experience first love and discover who you really are in the process.

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Google | BD

Disclaimer: This review MAY contain SPOILERS.

This book really surprised me! I have to say that it's certainly true that no two people read the same book. Based on the reviews that I have seen about this book, I was skeptical if I would gain anything from it other than a headache. As luck turns out, I am on the outside of the fence when it comes to the consensus on this book. I rather enjoyed it a lot.

I think that what I liked most about this book was the two main characters' individual journeys. Grace and Jason, who are also the love interests in this book, are both running from something. They are each dealing with some serious issues and the end up being the only person in each other's corner to help them through the tough spots. And for Grace, it is even harder when she is falling in love with a man that she feels reminds her of every man that has ever betrayed her, abandoned her, and hurt her. They are forced to deal with some sensitive issues like depression, suicide, guilt, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, neglect, and some severe family issues. They are also forced with making decisions for their own lives instead of letting others dictate their lives and futures for them. And then they have to deal with the consequences of their choices, both for themselves and for those they care about. In the end, they both realize that they both have problems, but they aren't anything that can't be fixed. 

I did like the display of Korean cultural within the book. I don't really know how accurate they are, especially when it comes to KPOP since that's not my thing, but I felt things were adequately portrayed. My husband is Korean American and both his mother and grandmother are from South Korea so I have picked up some things here and there. I liked Grace's journey with the Korean culture as well as her personal journey. She struggled a bit at the beginning with some culture shock but adapted well enough. Though I will be honest that I found it hard to believe that she lived all that time in Korea without ever learning the language. She takes a Korean language class at school and makes passing grades, but she still can't carry on a conversation with locals? Overall, I felt the world building was excellently crafted. I truly felt like I was living in Grace's shoes traversing a foreign country.

I found Grace's personality a bit unlikeable at the beginning of the book. She comes off as a bit of a snob and sometimes even came across as disrespectful. By the end of the book I could see that she had changed from the beginning, and her personality traits from the beginning of the book make more sense the more you get to know her, what her family life was life before moving to Korea, and the things that transpired in her life prior to moving to Korea. It is easy to see someone that has gone through so much pain and had an upbringing such as hers act the way that she did at the start. 

I loved the representation of friendship in this book. Especially the female friendship that Grace had with her roommate, Sophie. It was also present in Grace's emails and texts with her sister back home in Nashville. 

I thought that the romance was adorable. Very believable and a delight to watch the characters fall in love with each other over their shared love of music, their similar "famous" status, and ultimately their shared pain and helping each other through the other's pain by being there for them and being a friend when no one else was there for them. 

Overall, I felt that this was a fun and entertaining read that also touched on some sensitive issues along the way. While I felt that they were tackled very plainly, they also gracefully. The overall theme was to be able to move on with your life after dealing with serious issues and also being able to be in control of your own life and your own future. I feel like this book is definitely worth reading and I have so much praise for it!

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This book is about an American girl moving to South Korea and going to boarding school there. Do you find that books with similar tropes that are written by a person not from that particular culture to be accurately portrayed in terms of the culture? If not, where do you think they are lacking? Or feel free to recommend a contemporary title! I am on a contemporary kick at the moment and have been searching for just the right one. 

Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound #3) by Annette Marie

Title: Two Witches and a Whiskey
Series: The Guild Codex: Spellbound #3
Author: Annette Marie
Publication date: February 8, 2019
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Three months ago, I landed a job as a bartender. But not at a bar—at a guild. Yeah, the magic kind.

I’m not a badass mage like my three smokin’ hot best friends. I’m not a sorcerer or an alchemist, or even a wussy witch. I’m just a human, slinging drinks like a pro and keeping my non-magical nose out of mythic business. Seriously, I know my limits.

So why am I currently standing in a black-magic ritual circle across from a fae lord?

Somewhere behind me, my three mage friends are battling for their lives. Somewhere near my feet is the rogue witch I just knocked out with a stolen spell. And I have about five seconds to convince this very angry sea god not to shmoosh me like a bug.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t part of the job description.


Three Mages and a Margarita (#1)
Find my review here.

Dark Arts and a Daiquiri (#2)
Find my review here.

Two Witches and a Whiskey (#3)

Find my review here.

Shouts burst from Aaron’s table in a mix of triumph and dejection. Half the table lifted their shot glasses and tossed them back, Aaron included. He slammed his glass down and growled.

“That one wasn’t fair,” he complained. “Lyndon, your turn.”

Surveying the gathering, I counted most of our top combat mythics—from mages like Aaron, Kai, and Laetitia, to sorcerers like Andrew, Lyndon, Gwen, and Zora. Even Girard, the first officer, had joined in. This was the elite faction of the guild—the ones who claimed the toughest jobs and took on the deadliest opponents.

Ezra was part of the circle too, but he’d slid his chair back and didn’t have a glass. He never drank much, stopping long before he got tipsy.

Whiskey bottle in hand, I leaned against his chair. “What’s going on?”

“Drinking game,” Ezra replied with a grin. “Going around the circle, each person shares something they’ve done or experienced on a job. Anyone who hasn’t had a similar experience has to drink.”

“Since Darius covered it so thoroughly,” Lyndon declared, “I want to know. Who’s been bitten by a vamp? If you haven’t, cheers!”

Groaning, Aaron downed his refilled glass. Wasn’t he happy to be vamp-bite-free? Or maybe he was so many shots in that he’d prefer pointy fangs over more liquor. Laetitia, Gwen, Andrew, and two others drank as well, but Kai didn’t.

Zora pushed her sleeve up and displayed an ugly half-circle scar on her forearm. “The bastard nearly ripped a chunk out of me. It happened back at my old guild and their healer wasn’t top- notch.”

As various mythics whistled appreciatively, Lyndon pulled his shirt collar aside. A similar scar marked the spot where his neck and shoulder joined. “She drained a solid pint before my team caught up. I don’t normally relish a kill, but that one didn’t bother me.”

They passed the whiskey around, refilling their shot glasses.

Andrew, a skilled defensive sorcerer and frequent team leader, leaned back in his chair. “I want to see who hasn’t tripped and fallen on their face in the middle of a fight. And when you drink, we’ll all know you for the liar you are.”

As everyone laughed, Kai alone lifted his shot and downed it. Smacking it on the table, he raised his chin in challenge. “Who’s calling me a liar?”

I snickered when no one said a word. If there was ever a mythic who hadn’t wiped out in a battle, it was super-ninja Kai.

Girard stroked his beard. “My turn, isn’t it?”

Aaron and Kai exchanged despairing glances.

Smirking, Ezra half-whispered to me, “Girard will try to make everyone drink.”

The officer shot him a grin, then lifted his glass in a mocking toast. “Not to get too macabre, but Lyndon brought up kills, so. If you haven’t seen at least six bodies in one place, drink.”

“What?” Gwen pointed accusingly. “What kind of horrific shit have you been sticking your greasy beard in, Girard? Who stumbles across six piss-reeking corpses?”

Ah, Gwen. Every time she opened her foul mouth, I had to fight the urge to laugh. With her sleek blond ponytail and penchant for designer business attire, she looked like a high-end executive— an impression she ruined whenever she spoke.

Girard wagged a finger. “Drink, Gwen.”

Scowling, she tossed back her shot. Everyone else lifted theirs—except Aaron and Kai. Their smiles had vanished, their expressions grim as they stared at their shots like they wished they could drink too.

An uncomfortable silence settled over the table, then Zora grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of Ezra’s chair. “Tori, you do one!”

“Uh, me?”

His drunken grin back in full force, Aaron took my replacement whiskey bottle and stuffed a full shot into my hand in its place. “Give us a good one, Tori!”

I blinked around the table, packed with the guild’s best warriors. What could little ol’ human me say? What had I done that none of them had? Well, there were a few contenders. Flown with a dragon? Made a darkfae scream like a sissy girl? Punched a rogue druid in the nose? Problem was, I couldn’t talk about any of that.

My gaze dropped to Aaron. “Who here has thrown a drink on three mages at once?”

Laughing groans circled the table. Even Girard had to take a shot.

“Wait!” Laetitia lowered her whiskey. “I spilled a coffee across Darius, Tabitha, and myself once. Does that count?”

The table debated, then decided it counted. Zora gave me a commiserating slap on the hip, making me stumble backward into Ezra, still seated in his chair. He steadied me with a hand on my waist.

“Good try!” Zora exclaimed. “You almost had it, but no one’s managed to make everyone drink yet.”

“Tori could have,” Kai interjected. “All she had to do was say ‘kissed Aaron.’ Then we all would have lost.”

The guys howled with laughter and Aaron snorted.

Zora turned to Alistair, an older man I knew only as the most powerful mage in the guild. He was rarely here, too busy hunting the scariest bad guys both in the city and outside it.

“Last round, Alistair,” she said. “I can’t handle any more whiskey, so this is your final chance to claim ultimate victory. Go big or go home.”

Alistair tugged thoughtfully on his snow-white beard. Deeply tanned and weathered, with full- sleeve tattoos on his sinewy arms, he oozed badass-ness. I leaned forward, eager to hear his challenge.

“Hmm. All right, this is mine: Who among us has fought the ultimate opponent?” His dark stare roved around the table. “Who’s fought a demon mage?”

No one moved. A wordless ripple passed among the mythics as they assessed their comrades’ reactions. Cold, tangible fear crawled through the eerie silence. Then, in near perfect unison, they lifted their shots and drank.

Annette Marie is the author of Amazon best-selling YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, its prequel trilogy Spell Weaver, and romantic fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it's not quite that bad) with her husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Cover Reveal: Love and Chaos (The Chaos Series #3) by S. M. Soto

Title: Love and Chaos
Series: The Chaos Series #3
Author: S. M. Soto

Hell is rising.

People are dying…all in the name of love.

Tell me, can the Devil and his Angel survive the flames?

Deception and Blood were the counterparts, but now, can Sophia and Creed navigate their way through the never ending Chaos?

Today we are sharing the cover reveal for LOVE AND CHAOS by S.M. Soto. It is the third, and final, book in the Chaos romantic suspense series. It is  available for pre-order now and will release on February 28th!

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Previous Books in the Series

Deception and Chaos (Chaos, #1) -- Only 99 cents!

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Blood and Chaos (Chaos, #2) -- Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She refers to herself as a bit of a romance junkie. S.M. loves to connect with readers and eat copious of donuts that will surely lead to her demise (carbs are life).
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