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Review: The Blood of the Hydra (Elementals #2) by Michelle Madow

Title: The Blood of the Hydra
Series: Elementals #2
Author: Michelle Madow
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Publication Date: April 18, 2016
Pages: 310
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal
Source: ARC, Netgalley
Goodreads | Amazon 

A demigod who can kill with a touch. It's an ability that must be kept secret, even from those trusted most.

Finding out that she was a witch was strange enough, but now Nicole must face the realization that she has the rare power to kill with just a touch. No one can know her secret -- not even Blake, who she's had undeniable chemistry with since first moving to town. 

Now Nicole, Blake, and the three others with elemental powers must stop a series of monsters that they previously believed to be dead from rising once again and destroying the mortal world. The creatures they face on this journey will be more dangerous than anything they've encountered yet. Will they all survive the quest? And how long will it be until Nicole is forced to use her ability to kill in front of everyone, revealing the true darkness of her powers? 

Find out in The Blood of the Hydra, and join the Elementals on their quest to save the world -- or die trying.

I received this book for free from the author and publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I raced through the first book in this series and I enjoyed it very much, so I knew that I would be picking up the second book! The Blood of the Hydra picks up where The Prophecy of Shadows leaves off. If you are familiar with Michelle Madow's writing and love her fast-paced books, then you will love this one as well!

The thing that has drawn me into this series is the unique premise. I love the way that Greek mythology in integrated into the story to make it what it is. The magic/witches angle is wholly original, and I am such a fan of it! 

The pacing is quite fast. If you love short and breezy reads, then this series is one that you should pick up. Though since it is such a fast-paced read, there aren't as many details. The story, while interesting and unique, lacks depth. 

The plot of the book is strong and compelling. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. I love books that can take hold of me and drive. The suspense was great. I eagerly anticipated the outcome.

There is plenty of action and adventure in this book, which I love! It was balanced out quite nicely with the rest of the story.

The characters didn't really develop more in the second book. They pretty much stayed the same. I would have loved to see more into each character. We did get a little more from Nicole and Blake, but only because of the romance. I needed to know more about the characters past, inner workings, and drive. I did love the addition of new characters to the story. It was refreshing to see the change in dynamic and chemistry. 

Overall, this is a quick and enjoyable read. The story is very fun, and will hold you until the last page. If you liked the first book in this series then you will like this one as well. I will definitely be continuing this series!

Do you enjoy any books based on mythology? If so, what are your favorites? 

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Kahayatle (Apocalypsis #1) by Elle Casey

Elle Casey
(Apocalypsis #1)
Publication date: June 22nd 2012
Genres: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Young Adult
After a wedding filled with werewolves, fay, and vampires, Vicky is lookia
NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers Book 1 of 4 in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series, suitable for older teens and adults.
KAHAYATLE. My name’s Bryn Mathis. I’m seventeen years old, and I live in a neighborhood outside of Orlando, Florida. I live alone because my dad died almost a year ago, along with all the other adults in the world. I’m almost out of food and the gangs of kids that roam around my town are getting more vicious by the day. It’s time for me to leave and find another place to live … a place where I can find food and shelter … a place where they won’t be able to find me. Alone, it might have been possible, but now I’ve got company. I’m worried that I don’t have what it takes to get from here to my final destination, and I have no idea what might be waiting for me when I get there.
Content Warning: Mild violence and some foul language. Meant for older Young Adult readers (age 15+). This book is in the Dark Science Fiction / Horror / Post-Apocalyptic genres, featuring teen characters only.

Kahayatle (Apocalypsis Book 1) **Special introductory ebook price**

Warpaint (Apocalypsis Book 2)

Exodus (Apocalypsis Book 3)

Haven (Apocalypsis Book 4)
This series is dedicated to the amazing, wonderful Native Americans who populate our nation, continuing their traditions and reminding the rest of us that sometimes, progress isn’t always the best thing for our people. I invite you to learn more about the Miccosukee tribe, their history, culture, and lifestyle by visiting this website:
Currently available for FREE!
I STUFFED THE SLEEPING BAG down into my backpack with angry, punching motions, sick and tired of having to be here and having to do the same thing over and over again. I hated camping, I hated being organized, and more than anything, I hated what this exercise stood for.

“Don’t do it like that. I told you – you have to conserve the room as best you can. You have to travel as efficiently as possible. Take it out and start over.”
“I don’t see what difference it makes.”
“Trust me, it’s going to be a really big deal to you in the not so distant future.” His voice sounded hollow.
“Says who?” I was being ornery. I knew the answer to the question already.
“Says me, Bryn. And the news. Look around, would you?” He sounded like he was pleading now. “Stop defaulting back to the rebellious young teen act, and get serious. We don’t have enough time to play those games anymore.”
“They’re not games, Dad. I am a teenager. I don’t care what the news jerks and the government say.” I threw my backpack down on the ground. “And it’s not rebellious to not want to play friggin’ survivor in the backyard every day.”
My dad looked at me with a sad expression and sighed, reaching over to pull me into a tight hug. He dropped his nose to my head and inhaled deeply.
My face was pressed up against his shirt, and I could smell his sweat mixed with the sweet scent of his aftershave. My dad always said he was the last of a dying breed, using that stuff. He couldn’t have been more right.
“Maybe it’s not going to happen here … to us.” I said it just to hear the words, but I knew it was only wishful thinking.
I could tell he was getting choked up again when he started talking, his voice now hoarse.
“I wish, more than anything else in this world, that you didn’t have to be standing here with me in this backyard playing survivor.” His whole body started to shake with silent sobs. “Oh, God, Bryn. If I could do anything to change this, anything at all, I would. I swear to God I would. But it’s happening. No one can stop it.”
I put my arms around his waist, letting go of my earlier stubborn anger, now choking back my own tears. “I know, Dad. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”
“Yes, you did,” he said, sniffing hard and clearing his throat, shifting to hold me at arm’s length. He was staring at me while he smiled through his tears, giving me that look. The one that always made me confess.
“Okay, so maybe I did mean it. But I’ll shut up about it for a little while.”
“Not for too long, though. You wouldn’t be my daughter if you weren’t complaining about something.”
I tried to slap him playfully but he moved too fast for me. My dad is light on his feet, an expert level-one practitioner of krav maga – a certified badass. He’d only recently taken up camping.
“Pick it up,” he ordered, now back in control of his emotions. “Do it again. Only this time, get the air out of that bag first, condense it down …”
I cut him off. “I know, I know … ‘down into the smallest footprint possible.’ Geez, Dad, I’m not an idiot.”
I shook the sleeping bag out and started rolling it up quickly, using the moves I’d been practicing for four months straight to squeeze it down into a lump the size of a small loaf of bread. I folded the whole thing in half, pushed it to the bottom of the backpack, and then let it unfold itself one time, before putting the other items in on top of it: unbreakable water bottle, half-liter of bleach, square of plastic, cup, hunting knife, and various other tools my father was quite certain I would need … once all the adults in the world had died off, leaving us kids alone to fend for ourselves.

Author Bio:
Elle Casey is a prolific, NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling American writer who lives in Southern France with her husband, three kids, and several furry friends. She writes in several genres and publishes an average of one full-length novel per month.

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Review: Soundless by Richelle Mead

Title: Soundless
Series: N/A
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Pages: 272
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Romance, Historical Fiction
Source: Purchased
Rating: 2

In a village without sound…

For as long as Fei can remember, no one in her village has been able to hear. Rocky terrain and frequent avalanches make it impossible to leave the village, so Fei and her people are at the mercy of a zipline that carries food up the treacherous cliffs from Beiguo, a mysterious faraway kingdom. 

When villagers begin to lose their sight, deliveries from the zipline shrink. Many go hungry. Fei and all the people she loves are plunged into crisis, with nothing to look forward to but darkness and starvation.

One girl hears a call to action…

Until one night, Fei is awoken by a searing noise. Sound becomes her weapon.

She sets out to uncover what’s happened to her and to fight the dangers threatening her village. A handsome miner with a revolutionary spirit accompanies Fei on her quest, bringing with him new risks and the possibility of romance. They embark on a majestic journey from the peak of their jagged mountain village to the valley of Beiguo, where a startling truth will change their lives forever…

And unlocks a power that will save her people.

My Review
This book could have been so much more than what it was. I was so excited when reading the premise of this book. A fantasy set in Chinese folklore. I mean, come on, that sounds amazing! But, alas, the book was anything but. The story lacks depth. I was expecting to be immersed in a wonderful fantasy story, but the fantasy was barely there. In fact, while reading the book you don't really get a glimpse of any fantasy until the very end of the book which makes it read like a historical fiction up until that point. There are tiny bits of folklore tossed in the book at a few spots, but it doesn't make up for lack of fantasy feel to the book.

What I liked
The premise of this book is great. With more development, this book could have been incredible. 

The one thing about this book that I enjoyed was the characters. I really liked Fei's character. She is strong and selfless. I think that she could have been developed much more, but the base of a good character is there. 

I did like the relationship that Fei had with Li Wei. They were friends since childhood until her career choice distanced them. The romance was very mild, but their relationship was a delight. 

What I didn't like
The lack of fantasy was a big deciding factor for me. I don't read fantasy books to trudge through a historical fiction and have a little bit of fantasy slapped on at the end. I truly think that if more fantasy would have been included throughout the book that it could have been great. 

The Chinese culture did not seem to be represented very well. To be honest, I didn't feel as though I was reading a book set in Chinese culture at all. I was so disappointed.

The world building needs much improvement. Not only the Chinese culture, but everything else as well. Better descriptions of their village- living arrangements, what the children do while parents are working, what people do for fun (if anything), more careers (there has to be more than just miners and artists), and what daily life is like for everyone (not just artists). I would have liked to have known more about the kingdom, the king, and I would have liked more of a connection to the folklore. The folklore and fantasy part of this book is too minimal. The story just needs more details.

While I liked the relationship between Fei and Li Wei, the romance was almost non-existent. I was at least expecting a romance worth reading, but there was no buildup and execution at all. 

The story was dull. While reading the book I didn't feel a connection or even remotely interested in the outcome of the book. Towards the beginning of the book I kept hoping for for something that didn't come. Towards the end of the book I was just reading to find out what happens. The hope was gone. At that point I wasn't expecting anything.

Would I Recommend It
This book isn't for everyone. If you are looking for a light read then you will most likely love this. If you are looking for a book that is immersed with fantasy and folklore, then I think you will be disappointed. I personally would not recommend this. There were too many things that needed development. 

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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Identity Crisis by Melissa Schorr

Identity Crisis

by Melissa Schorr

Series: N/A
Publisher: Merit Press
Release Date: January 18, 2016
Pages: 240
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Source: ARC from publisher
Rate: 3


When curvaceous Annalise Bradley’s scandalous freshman year hookup sparks the anger of her female classmates, three of them decide to get her back by "catfishing" her, creating a fake online profile of the perfect boy to toy with her affections.

Against her better nature, introverted Noelle Spiers, goes along with her friends’ plan, hoping to distract Annalise from dreamy Cooper Franklin, her lifelong crush who has fallen for Annalise instead.

As Annalise discovers she is being played and seeks revenge, Noelle increasingly regrets her role in the cruel hoax and tries to salvage their relationship.

Told in alternative perspectives, IDENTITY CRISIS covers romance, betrayal, and timeless friendship in the age of modern technology.

I received this book for free from Merit Press via The Fantastic Flying Book Club in exchange for an honest review.

Spoilers are included in my review. Do not read my review if you do not want to see spoilers.

This book tells a story of cyber bullying from two different views- the attacker and the victim. One of the good things about this book is all of the gray area. This is definitely the book for someone looking for something original that stands on its own. 

What I liked
The characters are so great. Their lives are told beautifully throughout the book. You really get a glimpse into their worlds and it really pulls the story together seamlessly. As you read through each character's perspective, you gain so much insight into who they really are. It is clear when reading that the attacker is really just following the lead of someone else. She feels trapped and she is so unsure of herself throughout the book. You can feel her remorse and fear. It resonates so clearly from her. The victim's personality is just as transparent. She fell victim to gossip, that was sadly unwarranted, and became the talk of her school. She feels scrutinized in all she does, and has some self esteem issues that she is dealing with. She is vulnerable in a sense. The author does a superb job of displaying  and developing their personalities as the story plays out.

The plot is played out so well. Everything really falls into place throughout the book, while not being totally predictable. Although, I wasn't a fan of the ending, I do have to say that it was a surprise to me. The story was engaging and the dialogue was spot on to high school kids. I connected a lot with Annalise in this because I had the same experiences with a boy band that she did. Reading it really brought me back to that time, and I have to say that her reactions and thoughts are pretty aligned with what I was feeling at the time. 

What I didn't like
I did not like the "happy" ending. It did not seem realistic to me at all. I would wager an awful lot that a victim of catfishing would NOT become best friends with their attacker. No matter the circumstances. The ending really did not sit right with me at all. I am glad that Annalise got a happy ending, but I don't think that that her attacker should have been part of it. It is just bizarre and unrealistic. I would have really preferred to see her become friends with Amos than Noelle. 

I also thought that the lack of legal action was kind of a cop out. I mean, it is against the law to target someone and harass them online. In the real world, legal action would have been taken against the attackers. The fact that they skirt free of any consequences not only makes me mad, but it disappoints me a little. The rest of the book was realistic...I just wish that this part could have been as well.

Would I Recommend It
Yes. This book touches on a topic that needs to be brought more to light. If you are in high school or middle school, then I would especially recommend this. Especially if you are into reading books with loads of drama. It may not the the book for older readers. I graduated high school a little over ten years ago, so I was able to connect with some of the things happening in this book. But while reading this book I did feel as though I did fully connect with it because the writing is so very in sync with a teenage mind. Even if you can't connect to the book on that level, it is still a good read with a great point.

 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg

Follow the Identity Crisis by Melissa Schorr Blog Tour and don't miss anything! Click on the banner to see the tour schedule.

Melissa Schorr is the YA author of GOY CRAZY (Hyperion 2006) and IDENTITY CRISIS (forthcoming, Merit Press 2016), and a contributor to the YA anthology DEAR BULLY.

She is currently a contributing writer/editor to the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. Her freelance work has appeared in numerous publications, including GQ, People, Self, San Francisco magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. 

Melissa currently lives in Boston with her husband, her daughters, and her dog, Bailey.

US Only

IDENTITY CRISIS has part of a song’s lyrics in it. Come up with a SECOND VERSE for the rest of the song in order to enter the giveaway! (Song on the rafflecopter entry) Leave your answer in the rafflecopter and in the comments section!


You sparkle
You shine
Your cheekbones
But a pretty face does not mean a pretty heart.

There’s just no inner beauty
Where is your inner beauty?
Without some inner beauty
You’re a perfect waste of time.

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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers #1) by Brenda Drake

About the Book
Title: Thief of Lies
Series: Library Jumpers #1
Author: Brenda Drake
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: January 5, 2016
Pages: 400
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source:  ARC from publisher
My rating: 4 stars

Gia Kearns would rather fight with boys than kiss them. That is, until Arik, a leather clad hottie in the Boston Athenaeum, suddenly disappears. While examining the book of world libraries he abandoned, Gia unwittingly speaks the key that sucks her and her friends into a photograph and transports them into a Paris library, where Arik and his Sentinels—magical knights charged with protecting humans from the creatures traveling across the gateway books—rescue them from a demonic hound.

Jumping into some of the world's most beautiful libraries would be a dream come true for Gia, if she weren’t busy resisting her heart or dodging an exiled wizard seeking revenge on both the Mystik and human worlds. Add a French flirt obsessed with Arik and a fling with a young wizard, and Gia must choose between her heart and her head, between Arik's world and her own, before both are destroyed.

Purchase Links
Amazon | B&N iTunes | Kobo Powell's |

I received this book for free from Entangled Teen via YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

The world that Drake has created in Thief of Lies is very intricate and involved. I love books that have a deep setting and a story and Thief of Lies definitely fits the bill. The world created in original and full of depth. There were so many different levels and layers to this world, which makes it one of my favorite types of fantasy books to read!

What I liked
I loved all of the different characters in this book. There are so many, but not to the point that things get confusing.

I liked the supposed love triangle. I know that many people despise them, but I think that it makes things interesting. I grew to like both of the guys, and I am looking forward to seeing how things play out in the next book.

The world itself is worth mentioning again here because it really was elaborate. There are so many things going on and so much to learn about in this world.

The story had many twists and turns and kept me guessing at what was playing out. There were some in particular that I wasn't expecting at all, and I loved it!

I really loved how everything came together in the end of the book. Everything was wrapped up nicely, but still left room for the sequel.

What I didn't like
I did get a vibe of similarity between this book and others that I've read. The one that jumped out at me the most was the similarities between Thief of Lies and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. These similarities are mostly towards the beginning of the book, and wane once the story picks up more. I also noticed some similarities to the Harry Potter series. These similarities include: a girl that has no idea that she isn't human, a girl hidden in the human world by her mother to protect her from something in another mystical world, an elaborate and magical world that goes on without humans knowledge, a search for certain "keys" to stop an evil wizard, a prophecy about a special child, insta-love with a bad boy, forbidden love, a girl that gets sucked into a mystical world where she has to be a bad ass and fight evil, and more. The similarities are there, but it doesn't exactly take away from the story. The rest of the story is mapped out differently and has its own appeal. However; I can't deny that the similarities aren't there. I think that if added to or revised a little then the similarities would dissolve a bit.

There is a lot going on in the story and within the world created that things got a bit confusing at times. I think that more thorough explanations in certain areas would fix this though. I found myself rereading many passages for better clarifications. The world is gorgeous, but it really is a lot to take in.

Would I Recommend It
Yes, yes, and yes! I enjoyed this book very much. If you are a fan of fantasy in the vein of Cassandra Clare then you will love this book as well! And even if you aren't, this fantasy world is so unique that you will get lost in it and never want to leave. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

About the Author

Brenda Drake, the youngest of three children, grew up an Air Force brat and the continual new kid at school. Her fondest memories growing up is of her eccentric, Irish grandmother’s animated tales, which gave her a strong love for storytelling. So it was only fitting that she would choose to write stories with a bend toward the fantastical. When Brenda’s not writing or doing the social media thing, she’s haunting libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops or reading someplace quiet and not at all exotic (much to her disappointment). 
Author Links: Website Twitter Facebook


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Review: Unwind (Unwind Dystology #1) by Neal Shusterman

Title: Unwind
Series: Unwind Dystology #1
Author: Neal Shusterman
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: November 6, 2007
Pages: 335
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5

Connor, Risa, and Lev are running for their lives.

The Second Civil War was fought over reproductive rights. The chilling resolution: Life is inviolable from the moment of conception until age thirteen. Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, however, parents can have their child "unwound," whereby all of the child's organs are transplanted into different donors, so life doesn't technically end. Connor is too difficult for his parents to control. Risa, a ward of the state, is not enough to be kept alive. And Lev is a tithe, a child conceived and raised to be unwound. Together, they may have a chance to escape and to survive.

My Review
I don't think that I can put into words the love that I have for this book, but I will certainly try my best. This book is special. Unique. Without a doubt, this book is like nothing that I have read before. I wasn't really certain what to expect when I picked it up. To be simply honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. The concept sounded compelling, but I still had my doubts. Needless to say, those doubts have been dashed and slashed to pieces. 

What you have to understand about Unwind is that it makes you think. It makes you think hard. It is not one of those light and airy reads and you can blow through and sigh, and then move on to something new without another thought. Unwind lingers in your brain for days after you have read it. It is full of really heart wrenching gray areas. Nothing is ever black and white in this book. You see things happen from so many different points of view. 

This theme of this book in centered about Pro-Choice and Pro-Life and what really constitutes "living" and consciousness and when life truly begins. There is no real way for me to describe the way that this book made me feel. I mean, there are really SO MANY feels going on. The amazing thing about this book is the way that it makes you question everything you thought you knew and felt. Everyone has their own stance on this particular issue. I am no different. While reading this book, I found myself questioning the rights and wrongs of each side of the issue. I mean, this book seriously got into my head. 

What I liked
I loved reading this in different points of view. I love books that do this on some level. It is sometimes imperative to see things from the other person's point of view to really get the story right in your mind. When things are one sided then it leaves room for prejudice. This book totally satisfied this problem with all of the different points of view.

These characters are intense. They are not all that they seem to be. They are complex and they all bring something very important into the story. The chemistry between all of the different characters is wonderful. All of their interactions felt well paced and natural. The dialogues were great. Nothing that was said sounded out of place.

The pacing in this book is really quite perfect. Nothing felt like it was rushed into, and nothing felt to be happening too slowly. Everything just syncs up flawlessly. 

The absolute best thing about this book is the way that it makes you think and question things. This book makes you look at difficult things from another perspective. There is so much to contemplate.

What I didn't like
There is nothing bad that I can say about this book. It has so many awesome things going for it. I have been thinking about it all day and I can't think of a thing that needs improvement. I will say, however, that I was thinking that something could have been added into the story. Even if just mentioned somewhere in the book. With so many unwanted children in the world, I find it strange that child trafficking didn't come up in the book. Since there are so many more small children than before the war, there are that many more children for child traffickers to prey upon. It seems almost too easy for them in this world that Shusterman has created. I know that it is another important issue that doesn't really tie into the issue in the story, but it did cross my mind more than once while reading the book. 

Would I Recommend It
In a heartbeat! Yes! I will be honest and say that this book is probably not really for the faint of heart. I personally had a hard time reading a specific scene in this book because it is so horrific and heart wrenching. And I am usually tough as nails. All of that aside, this book is outstanding. It it thought provoking and it makes you feel something real.

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Review: First & Then by Emma Mills

Title: First & Then
Series: N/A
Author: Emma Mills
Publication Date: October 13, 2015
Pages: 272
Genres: young adult, contemporary, romance
Source: purchased e-book
Rating: 5

Devon Tennyson wouldn't change a thing. She's happy watching Friday night games from the bleachers, silently crushing on best friend Cas, and blissfully ignoring the future after high school. But the universe has other plans. It delivers Devon's cousin Foster, an unrepentant social outlier with a surprising talent for football, and the obnoxiously superior and maddeningly attractive star running back, Ezra, right where she doesn't want them first into her P.E. class and then into every other aspect of her life.

Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights in this contemporary novel about falling in love with the unexpected boy, with a new brother, and with yourself.

My Review
Okay, I have just found a new favorite author. No joke. After reading this book I just sat there for a long time contemplating everything that I read. You see, contemporary books are not really my thing. To be honest, I probably never would have considered reading this book if I hadn't decided to branch out and take on a reading challenge. Needless to say, I am glad that I did. This book is fantastic! 

This book is about football. I guess I shouldn't say it quite like that though, because although there is football in the book, a lot of football, the book is more about the characters and their relationships than football. So football is an important part of the book, but the story focuses on the relationships.

This book has a lot of Jane Austen references, but even if you haven't read Jane Austen books you will not be confused. As the synopsis states, this book is like Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights. 

What I liked
The absolute best thing about this book is the character development. The characters are incredible and just flat out very well written. They have so much depth. The relationships that the characters have and how they explore them is magnificent. 

When you are reading this book you just step right into this world. You step into the characters' shoes and become the characters. You feel what they feel and you think as they think. The writing is just phenomenal. The dialogues are not awkward. The characters speak to one another realistically. 

The pacing in this book is perfect. Nothing seems rushed and nothing happens too slowly. Just perfect.

I liked how this book subtly touched upon some tough issues. Drunk driving, teenage drinking, and drug/alcohol abuse. More than one character has been impacted by these issues and it has made them who they are. These tough issues made the book that much more realistic.

This book is so relate-able! 

This book gave me so many feels! OMG.

What I didn't like
The ending seemed a little abrupt in my opinion. I would have loved an epilogue or something more to show how things progressed after the last dramatic scenes. 

I would have liked to see more physical romance between Ezra and Devon. Just saying. It would have been nice to see them as a couple at the end of the book.

Would I Recommend It
I would recommend this book in a heartbeat! This is probably the best young adult contemporary book that I've read. It really opened my eyes to young adult contemporary and I will definitely be checking out more because of this book!

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Review: End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days #3) by Susan Ee

Title: End of Days
Series: Penryn & the End of Days #3
Author: Susan Ee
Publication Date: May 12, 2015
Pages: 344
Genres: young adult, paranormal, fantasy, dystopia, supernatural
Source: Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Rating: 4

End of Days is the explosive conclusion to Susan Ee’s bestselling Penryn & the End of Days trilogy. After a daring escape from the angels, Penryn and Raffe are on the run. They’re both desperate to find a doctor who can reverse the twisted changes inflicted by the angels on Raffe and Penryn’s sister. As they set off in search of answers, a startling revelation about Raffe’s past unleashes dark forces that threaten them all.

When the angels release an apocalyptic nightmare onto humans, both sides are set on a path toward war. As unlikely alliances form and strategies shift, who will emerge victorious? Forced to pick sides in the fight for control of the earthly realm, Raffe and Penryn must choose: Their own kind, or each other?

My Review
End of Days is a good ending to the story, but I was a little underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong though- it WAS a good book from beginning to end. I think that it was just lacking in some areas that if built more upon would make this book glow like the sun. All in all, I would absolutely recommend this. The story is amazing and original, and it is just a great read from beginning to end.

What I liked
The story was solid and kept building nicely. I was surprised by the ending. I honestly couldn't put together what was going to happen while reading, so that's awesome. I hate predictability. 

The descriptions regarding the Pit were so vivid. Susan really did a remarkable job with details. I felt like I was right there with them when they went to the Pit. Very graphic, very disturbing, and very believable. I just loved it!

The writing in general is fantastic! There aren't any awkward dialogues, everything is worded well, the action is balanced out is just great writing. 

I liked the glimpse that we got of Beliel. It is so sad in a way. I actually felt sorry for him. 

What I didn't like
The epilogue was kind of disappointing. I was envisioning something a little more involved than what was there. It wasn't a terrible ending, but it could have been so much more than what is was. 

I was kind of expecting some amazing, heroic fight scene at the end from Penryn. Something noble and epic. She did kick some ass, but there wasn't one point in particular that felt overly significant. I did admire Raffe's sacrifice at the end, but I was wanting so see something similar from Penryn. Saving her sister perhaps, or even defending Raffe somehow. 

The fact that there are so many unanswered questions in this book is pretty much the only reason that I didn't rate this a 5. Like I said previously, the story is solid, but the missing details really take away from the story being told. You go into this book thinking that all of your questions will be answered, but they just aren't expanded upon. There may be subtle explanations here and there, but nothing that fully explains all the questions that you have in your mind after reading Angelfall and World After. 

Review: World After (Penryn & the End of Days #2) by Susan Ee

Title: World After
Series: Penryn & the End of Days #2
Author: Susan Ee
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
Pages: 320
Genres: young adult, fantasy, paranormal, dystopia, supernatural
Source: Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Rating: 4

In this sequel to the bestselling fantasy thriller, Angelfall, the survivors of the angel apocalypse begin to scrape back together what's left of the modern world.

When a group of people capture Penryn's sister Paige, thinking she's a monster, the situation ends in a massacre. Paige disappears. Humans are terrified. Mom is heartbroken.

Penryn drives through the streets of San Francisco looking for Paige. Why are the streets so empty? Where is everybody? Her search leads her into the heart of the angels' secret plans where she catches a glimpse of their motivations, and learns the horrifying extent to which the angels are willing to go.

Meanwhile, Raffe hunts for his wings. Without them, he can't rejoin the angels, can't take his rightful place as one of their leaders. When faced with recapturing his wings or helping Penryn survive, which will he choose?

My Review
This is such a great sequel! I was glued to this book from the beginning. It starts off right where the first book left off, so nothing is missed from one book to the next. There is so much going on in this book. There are so many things happening that it does not get boring. There are so many mysterious things to ponder while reading, but not so much that it is confusing. It is a perfect balance. I have quite a few theories as to what will happen in the final book. The second book just furthers myu curiosity!

What I liked
The ending! Oh, that ending, it was perfect! The fight scenes in this book were truly remarkable. I just couldn't get enough of them! A lot of fight scenes in books can seem tedious to read, unless they are written well. The fight scenes in this book were certainly written fantastically! 

The exchange between Penryn and Raffe is truly enjoyable in this book. Maybe even more so than in Angelfall. They are comfortable with each other and play off of each other with ease. The dialogues between them were quite amusing. I even laughed out loud a few times.

What I didn't like
Things seemed a little slow at the beginning of the book, but I think that is just because the first half of the book is only about Penryn. The lack of Raffe was almost unbearable. I think that if the author would have included things from Raffe's perspective at the beginning of the book then it would be flawless! It's just that all we see is what Penryn is doing and experiencing. It would be great to know what Raffe is doing and feeling. I know that we get to see a little of his point of view from the dreams that Penryn has, but they are his feelings and experiences while they were together. Not what Raffe was doing or feeling after the first book. So I am on the fence about the dreams. I mean, I like that Penryn gets a small glimpse into Raffe, but in no way does it make up for his lack of presence through over half the book.

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